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Disseminating Information or Melancholy – Shreya Talwar

Do we even give a second thought before sharing a piece of information and the resultant impact it could have on someone? With the advent of numerous mediums of communication, spreading a word about any topic at the drop of a hat has become as simple as plucking a flower to form a bouquet. Our thinking says that we are creating something beautiful, however, we forget that we are halting the process of blossoming. At times, spreading a piece of information based on half knowledge is as detrimental as is being ignorant about it. A continuous and repetitive spread of material that has the potential to make one gloomy just adds to the heap of worries mounting in one’s mind. At times such communication goes beyond its original intent of spreading awareness and becomes a source leading to the creation of several apprehensions and pessimism which takes away our ability to see hope and positivity. At times certain words penned down have too many elements of despondency in it yet are spoken about widely even if its relevance is a question mark. If we look around with an optimistic mindset, we are sure to find so many stories which not only entail a thread of cheerfulness along with it, but also ignite the light of hope amongst us. A widespread circulation of these tales is bound to bring waves of merriment amidst the turbulent tides being experienced by one and all. In today’s day and age when ‘wellness of mind’ is a topic that is being spoken and heard about in every nook and corner, how are we missing out on this basic essence of sharing a sense of positivity with others? It has the power to uplift one’s spirit and motivate everyone to look at things through the lens of belief. It in a way acts as an assurance that a rainbow of joy can be spotted amidst the dark clouds. It has the power of pulling one out of low spirits and imparting them with the hope that good things are around the corner.  It’s a well-known fact that words have the ability to make or break, so, let us all make an effort to spread the light of these pleasing thoughts that shine bright enough to bring a twinkle in our eyes.

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