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In today’s day and age where emotions are fast losing its essence, Shreya Talwar tries to rekindle and emphasize on its significance in our lives. Her latest novel Beyond Royalty is a reflection of one such essential emotional aspect of our lives – love. She has two more books to her credit in the non-fiction sphere, ‘The Hidden Gems’ and ‘Weaving Emotions’ which also reinforce her thoughts. 

Her books have received the adulation of its readers, testimony of which is her books ‘Beyond Royalty’ and ‘The Hidden Gems’ being acclaimed as the number one bestseller on Amazon. All the articles penned down by her are aimed at infusing positivity. Shreya considers her mother to be her mentor who enlightens her literary pathway. Being an Army Officer’s daughter acted as an added feather in her cap to display an array of her writing skills and deep insight into human relations.

Her writing style has also been spoken about and appreciated at highly acclaimed media houses including the ANI and Zee5 news.

Shreya is a pen name that she is now using for all her publications, however, she had begun her literary journey by her name Ms. Aman Talwar.

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Beyond Royalty

Is the road to romance a fairy tale? Can it cross the hurdles laid in its path? Can it withstand the storm of difficulties that come along with it? Can love emerge victorious or would it lose its essence amidst the chaos. Embark on this journey with Daniel and Katherine to find an answer to all these questions and maybe in this voyage you too would recognise your true love.

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In an era where emotions are often side-lined, Shreya Talwar stands as a beacon of light, determined to rekindle and accentuate the significance of emotions in our lives through her books. Shreya is not just an author but a storyteller who intricately weaves emotions into every word she writes.

Author Shreya Talwar

Short Stories

Stories are powerful, they have the power to create an impact on the reader and wouldn’t it be great if you get to read such a story which brings out the essence of it within a few minutes? Bringing to you short stories that are bound to make you experience a mix of emotions within a few seconds of your beginning to read it.

Articles/ Poems Published in Prominent Platforms

Shreya Talwar’s articles/poetry intend to infuse a sense of positivity amongst the readers. Her articles have been featured on prestigious platforms including ‘The Week’ and ‘Mid-Day.’ 

the lost emotion
The Lost Emotion

“Let us not take people who are an important part of our existence for granted and think them to be mere assets or liabilities for equalising the balance sheet, who can be shifted from one section of the sheet to the other as per our convenience.”

i am a workaholic
I Am a Workaholic

“We would savour a dish only if it had the right balance of it being sweet, salty and spicy. Similarly, life would be zestful only if all its components were in perfect harmony. A mismatch of any of these would shake up the equilibrium.”

Drowning in Or Conquering...

“When someone lends us an ear and understands from where we are coming, we begin to develop a sense of belief that we are not alone in this rickety ride. We always have a shoulder to lean on.”

Gazing Beyond the

“Being rigid in one’s line of thinking to such an extent that it disconnects the line of understanding, only leads to a faulty connection being formed...

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Discover the Treasures Within

‘Discover The Treasures Within’ brings about a different perspective to the ‘normal and everyday discussions.’ It is sure to strike a chord in your heart, because this podcast is not about me, not about some known and celebrated figure, but it’s about all of us. It talks about things which we all will be able to connect and identify with and that is what will make you feel as if it is your own.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music.

A Glimpse of Shreya's YouTube Channel.

Shreya Talwar is also a travel enthusiast. She likes exploring different travel destinations that transport one into a world of picturesque landscapes. Alongside that she uses her YouTube channel as a medium to connect with her audience and keep them updated about her writing journey by sharing a few tidbits.

You may follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn and subscribe to her YouTube channel to be a part of her literary and travel voyage.