Beyond Royalty

Is the road to romance a fairy tale? Can it cross the hurdles laid in its path? Can it withstand the storm of difficulties that come along with it? Can love emerge victorious or would it lose its essence amidst the chaos. Embark on this journey with Daniel and Katherine to find an answer to all these questions and maybe in this voyage you too would recognise your true love.

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Reader's Love for Beyond Royalty

“I would call it new age classic. It’s like you watching a movie enfold in front of you while coursing through the pages.”
- Shweta Rohira
“As their love story unfolds, it's impossible not to be drawn into their world of emotions, and the language used in the book adds an authentic touch to their journey.”
- Manasvi
“'Beyond Royalty' by Shreya Talwar is a gem in the realm of romance literature.”
- Yogesh Yeeshu
“As the story takes unexpected twists and turns, the desire to uncover the resolution intensifies, making it nearly impossible to set the book aside.”
- Archana
“It is a quick heartwarming tale that left me with an emotional heart.”
- Rimi
Author Shreya Talwar

The Hidden Gems

The book unearths the bejewelled moments of substance that remain concealed amidst the commotion of the conventional practices pursued as a way of living. It hopes to shed light on those scattered precious pearls, which if gathered in a thread, can be adorned by one and all as their most prized possession. A composition of feature articles and poetry immersed in sublime moments.

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Reader's Love for The Hidden Gems

“This is an one of a kind non-fiction book that we should definitely have on our bookshelf.”
- Arindam Ghosh
“I would say the author has given this book named ' Hidden Gems ' because it's actually a gem book to pick. I loved reading each essay as the language is not becoming a hindrance in between and the words of the author actually adds value.”
- Ananya Shukla
“The book is versatile in character. If you love non-fiction then this book is certainly for you. It's best if one reads this one by one trying to understand and grasp the gravity.”
- Carlos Luis
“One suggestion before starting this book is to grab your cup of coffee and then enjoy this never-ending suggestion and the reality of our life. It will jewel your mind and body with its charms”
- Mannat Choudhary
“I like each and every content. It was an amazing read for me. Great work by the author.”
- Mimi

Weaving Emotions

The book ‘Weaving Emotions’ touches every chord of the heart. It dwells around the different facets of emotions one experiences and tries to interweave it with the varied aspects of life. It tries to reflect upon the significance of bonding among kinship.

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Reader's Love for Weaving Emotions

“She hits the right chord and makes readers understand the value of the present, the value of the little moments.”
- Vidhya Thakkar
“The book is a refreshing take on emotions and relationships in this fast paced world. It made me feel nostalgic and happy.”
- Ily
“Excellent book. Must read. Wonderful poetry and so meaningful.”
- Priya
“A wonderful read. The book provides a unique insight on emotions and bonding.”
- Kindle Customer