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An Iconic Parade – Author Shreya Talwar

The date 26th January instils in us a sense of pride and enthusiasm. Eagerly sitting in front of our television screens awaiting to witness the spectacular Republic Day parade.  Witnessing each and every moment of the parade leaves us in awe. But do we ever think for a second the efforts that our defence forces put in culminating this magnificent event. Months of relentless hard work goes into achieving the perfect spectacle.

In today’s times, when each one of us craves for recognition and applause for our individuality, the selflessness with which our forces put in their heart and soul to represent the nation, only to be recognised as a contingent and not an individual is remarkable. At times, when we do not wish to venture out of the comfort of our cosy homes, there they are braving the odds of the unpredictable weather conditions, always striving to do their best.

We always idolise the reel life heroes for putting their best foot forward to bring out the greatest action sequences, but do we take a minute to admire and acknowledge the dare devil motorcycle riding and the splendid flypast that are no less than watching a visual straight out of the finest action movie. The only difference being that these daring acts do not have any technological inclusions in it but are purely a result of their fearless and lionhearted intentions as reverence to their motherland.

Despite the countless rehearsals taking place at the backdrop to ensure that everything turns out to be seamless, there is not even an iota of weariness showcased by them. Such is the stature of the defence forces who know no bounds when it comes to representing the nation in a way that our heart swells with pride. This time around when one witnesses the iconic parade, let us take a moment to applaud our forces for bringing to us a glorious and breath-taking display of a diverse but united India.

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