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beyond Royalty

by Shreya Talwar

Unravel the enchanting tale of romance as you follow the captivating journey of Daniel and Katherine. Join them on this emotional odyssey and who knows, you might just find echoes of your own heart’s desires along the way.

Beyond royalty by author shreya talwar
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The Amazon #1 Bestseller

The Hidden Gems

by Shreya Talwar

“Each of the ‘40 Poems & Feature Articles’ in this book are like the unique sketch of emotional love, pain that comes in human life, belief in spirituality too and so on.” -The Literature Times

Shreya Talwar

The Author

Shreya Talwar, an author who has two books to her credit – ‘The Hidden Gems’ and ‘Weaving Emotions.’ After her stint as a corporate professional, she took to the field of creativity. Writing was always her passion and she strongly believes that words can create magic and make a difference. It’s this belief that propelled her to turn her passion into a profession. Every flight of imagination has an inspiration and Shreya’s inspiration is her mother who is not only her mentor, but also her strength. Her Army background acted as an added feather to display an array of her writing skills and deep insight into humanity. She wishes that she is able to bring to light the priceless treasures which remain an enigma to one and all.

Her writing style has been spoken about and appreciated at various prestigious platforms including the ANI and Zee5 news. Her articles have also been published as a part of esteemed magazines. 

Shreya is a pen name that she is now using for all her publications, however, she had begun her literary journey by her name Ms. Aman Talwar.


Author Shreya Talwar

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The Book

The book unearths the bejewelled moments of substance that remain concealed amidst the commotion of the conventional practices pursued as a way of living. It hopes to shed light on those scattered precious pearls, which if gathered in a thread, can be adorned by one and all as their most prized possession. A composition of feature articles and poetry immersed in sublime moments.

Author Shreya Talwar

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"I know Shreya from quite a long time and she is a very talented person. Her writing and the way she plays with words is such that it creates magic. Her books and poems create a spell on the readers."
Priya Babbar
Christina John
"A delightful collection of emotions, profound thoughts, expressive poems, beautifully enhanced by visuals that strengthen my reading experience. Its full of positivity which motivated me to live life in positive way."
Lakshya Jha
"Absolute simplicity, smooth narrative and the poetic imageries create a marvellous bouquet. She through her writing emphasises on enjoying the simplest of joys and mesmerising in the beauty of nostalgia."
Shivali Mittal
"She is an effective and creative writer. Her content has a realistic approach. The content written by her is easy to understand and has the ability to connect with the audience quickly."
Priya Babbar

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Thanks to all my readers

Many thanks to all of my readers and supporters who helped the book rank as Amazon’s number one bestseller. Every writer works toward this goal and waits for it. I have always had faith in my work, and I’m delighted you shared that belief. I’ll continue to write as effectively as I can to meet the needs of readers and literature. This short video is intended for my readers.